ScaleUp Porto
ScaleUp Porto aims at becoming a catalyst for the creation of an innovation ecosystem and a network of individuals and organizations that share the vision of a scaleup program. More than a declaration that presents strategic orientations, the ScaleUp Porto Manifesto is also a contribution from Porto to the ScaleUp for Europe movement, enhancing the importance cities can have in the ecosystem growth. The city of Porto is initiating through the ScaleUp Porto program an important commitment to consolidate the city's innovation ecosystem that can be reflected all across Europe.
ScaleUp for Europe
The ScaleUp for Europe initiative follows the ScaleUp Porto Manifesto commitment to promote the creation and development of a national and international network of support for the scaleup companies of the city ecosystem. ScaleUp for Europe aims at providing entrepreneurs with information about cities' context and business environment, and to promote their internationalization effort. The city of Porto is inviting you to join this movement, to co-create and support the implementation of an innovative scaleup framework.
Porto Innovation Hub
The Porto Innovation Hub aims to demonstrate the potential of innovation in the city's transformation, highlighting the direct impact that this relationship has on the improvement of the quality of life of the citizens, the contribution it has on the creation of skilled employment, and on its potential to project the city towards new levels of development. It plans to generate new scenarios and opportunities for innovation at an urban level, therefore contributing to the cultural innovation of the city and encouraging citizens to be the driving force of innovation.
Desafios Porto
Desafios Porto is a competition that aims at identifying, in a first phase, the biggest challenges lived by the city of Porto and, in a second phase, at finding the technological solutions that give the most innovative and scalable answers. This symbiosis between challenges and solutions will result in a strong impetus to the development of the city's entrepreneurial ecosystem. 250.000 € are available to fund the creation of innovative solutions that improve the quality of life of the citizens of Porto, by developing local projects and creating jobs.
STCP Free WiFi
The STCP Free WiFi service provides free Internet connection to the public bus users at the cities of Porto, Gondomar, Maia, Matosinhos, Valongo and Vila Nova de Gaia. The STCP's bus network uses vehicle-to-vehicle communication and offloads the high data traffic generated by the bus passengers to the metropolitan optical fiber network of Porto Digital at the city of Porto. Internet access is provided by cellular communications outside the city of Porto. The wireless Internet access is available both inside the bus and on the outside, close to the nearby buses.
Porto Design Accelerator - Ficha de Projeto
Porto Design Accelerator is the Porto Design Factory, and Porto City Hall's leading initiative to support innovation in the design based consumer goods industry through the entrepreneurial creation, launch and growth of design centric startups. The accelerator provides support to design-minded entrepreneurs by connecting them to the critical community, educators, mentors, experts and manufacturing and retailing partners needed to turn ideas into realities. It supports the endeavours of the brightest design driven entrepreneurs, researchers and developers.
Porto GovJam 2018
Global Gov Jam is a global initiative that takes place every year in more than 25 cities at the same time organized by independent and voluntary entities. For this event we invited different stakeholders of the city so that, together to tackle a common challenge. Motivation, creativity, spirit of experimentation and friendly competition were the motto of the 48 hours of this event. The participants developed an innovative service, inspired by the challenge launched internationally at Global Gov Jam.
Hackacity is a hackathon that aims to test big data and promotes its use to develop solutions that will have an impact in the city, but also foster collaboration amongst stakeholders. For 24 hours, participants get together to develop solutions based in open source platforms as FIWARE to address challenges faced by the citizens, using data provided by the city. The FIWARE platform provides a rather simple yet powerful set of APIs that ease the development of smart applications in multiple vertical sectors, whose specifications are public and royalty-free.